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  • Macbeth: 
  •  She oughta been fixin to die tomorrow;
  •  Then there'd be time for such foolishness.
  •  Tomorrow an tomorrow an tomorrow,
  •  Scampers right down this ol dirt road day after day,
  •  Till you're right blue in the face;
  •  An all them yesterdays bring a good ol boy down
  •  All the way to a goddamn dirtnap. Go on, git, candle!
  •  This life here's a sorry square dance, a poor fella
  •  That struts around an plays his fiddle
  •  An then goes yonder. Just a campfire story
  •  Told by some momma's boy, lotta bellerin, lotta anger,
  •  But it dont mean nothing.
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Hi-Tone 200 Tube Amplifier

Where Reeves amps win over in the Boutique Hiwatt field, the Hi-Tone has been steadily competing with them.  Reeves amps, while amazing in their own right, are incredible boutique Hiwatt pieces, but for better or worse depending they generally aren’t as true to the original Hiwatt specs that people loved.  That’s where Hi-Tone comes in.  They not only wanted to make an amazing modern boutique Hiwatt amp, they wanted it to be built Dave Reeves original Hiwatt specs that every came to love about his amps.  They even went as so far as to hire Dave Reeves son to build for them.  While Reeves makes an amazing amp (their custom 225 for bass is at the top of my want list right now),  Hi-Tone is the company to go to if you want an amazing rebuild of that old classic Hiwatt.

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Well, now….


Ever since hanging with The Replacements the other week and hearing Dave’s Hi-Tone rig up close, I have added this amp to the list of must haves. Serious sound.

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me: *pauses mid-blow job* did you know that despite what it shows in mulan, the huns never existed as a putative entity contemporaneously with, let alone geographically close to, the tang chinese empire, the period in which the original story of mulan took place?

Dream girl
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bean dip, nice people.


bean dip, nice people.

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the last tweet that had shade in it that joan rivers has made was about beyoncé

and welp, it’s bey’s birthday



happy bey day!


yall scaring me


Lmao this is so crazy.

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so one of my grandma’s friends added me on facebook recently


so one of my grandma’s friends added me on facebook recently

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relevant to multiple facets of my life atm

holy fuck i forgot how good the b-52s were

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when you are sick of snakes being on the plane but you are around your grandparents so you have to watch your language 

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